Grade 2 Certificate

Grade 2 Certificate
From NZD $800.00
  • Duration: 48 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Wanaka, NZ
  • Product code: PWG2C
This is a two day kayaking course aimed at achieving the certification required for multi sport events. Eg: Coast to Coast. 

It is run as an assessment rather than a training and to attain the certificate you need to be at the assessment level for the two day course weekend. *Should you feel you need coaching to attain the criteria prior to sitting the certificate, then contact us regarding our coaching days*


  • Identifies and responds appropriately to Grade 2 river features. Eddy lines, wave trains, holes, buffer waves, currents and boils.Identifies and demonstrates paddling safe and efficient lines.
  • Demonstrates efficient and effective forward paddling.
  • Demonstrates efficient and effective forward and reverse sweep strokes. Remains balanced.
  • Demonstrates effective low brace. Can right self from tipping point. Can use appropriately while paddling in rapid.
  • Demonstrates breaking in and out of eddies. Can hold desired line. Remains balanced.
  • Demonstrates ferry gliding. Can hold desired line. Remains balanced.Grade 2 River
  • Understands correct use of personal kayaking and safety equipment. Can identify appropriate and inappropriate equipment. Including kayak, PFD, helmet, thermals, paddle, spray deck.

  • Recognises and understands hazards associated with kayaking, including broaching, strainer and foot entrapment. The appropriate actions required to avoid or deal with these hazards are described and/or demonstrated.

  • Demonstrates self-rescue with kayak and gear. Candidate capsizes, stays calm, gathers equipment and efficiently moves to bank. Empties boat and paddling again within efficient timeframe.

  • Demonstrates safe rapid float position (on back, feet first, feet up etc.).

  • Demonstrates assertive white water swimming across wave train and eddy line.

  • Demonstrates being rescued with aid of another craft (kayaker and/or jet boat).

  • Receives a throw bag as a swimmer in Grade 2. Correct holding of rope and body.

  • Can describe and identify, prevention, symptoms and treatment of hypothermia.

Contact is via or call us 0800 926 925 if you need to talk with us prior to booking.