Kayak or Paddle Board plus Water Taxi

Kayak or Paddle Board plus Water Taxi
From NZD $50.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Wanaka, NZ
  • Product code: PWK&C
Kayak or Paddle Board plus Water Taxi

Pick up your rental kayak from the waterfront van at a time that suits you and paddle out to Ruby Island. The paddle takes a comfortable 45mins. After an hour, we'll pick up your kayak and leave you out on the Island. 

How does it work:

1) Book a Kayak/SUP and Cruise online or at the waterfront.

2) Turn up at the waterfront at your designated rental time

3) Paddle out to Ruby Island, park up your kayak on the beach. We'll come collect your kayak after an hour and leave you on the island to chill, picnic and explore

4) Jump on the Paddle Wanaka Island shuttle at your designated time for a 10min ride back to the Marina.

How to book:

Book a kayak and cruise rental time (summer and winter hours vary). Pick your kayak up from the waterfront van at that time, and let the waterfront crew know what shuttle you'd like to jump on, bearing in mind it takes about 45mins to paddle to Ruby. You'll automatically be put onto the next shuttle (e.g, if you book at 9am, we'll collect you at 12noon), but we can change this on the day of you'd like more time.

Have a blast!